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Mailbox-Fitting Boxes with Adhesive Closure

Mailbox-Fitting Boxes with Adhesive Closure


  • Also known as boxvelopes, these box-envelope hybrids offer the protection and eco-friendliness of a kraft box with the adhesive closure of an envelope mailer. As well, their size allow them to be tossed into any Canada Post mailbox.
  • No need for tape! The self-sealing adhesive closure allows for easy fulfillment of your packages.
  • No knives or scissors required for opening. These mailer boxes have a convenient tear-away strip for easy opening.
  • Boxes' versatility makes them well suited for a variety of products such as jewelry, stationery or candy.
  • These mailer boxes are made of recycled kraft paper and are 100% recyclable.
  • Delivered to you folded flat which has the benefit of saving storage space. Our customers also appreciate how intuitive and quick the boxes are to assemble. To set them up, simply unfold the boxes along the pre-made folds.