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Pop-Up Gift Boxes

Pop-Up Gift Boxes


  • Paperboard boxes with a mat texture and a kraft interior.
  • Versatile, eco-friendly and economical. Their simplicity makes them well suited for a variety of products.
  • These boxes are one-piece boxes with a fold-and-tuck design. The box's lid is integrated to the rest of the box and is closed by tucking in its flap.
  • Delivered to you folded flat which has the benefit of saving storage space. Our customers also appreciate how intuitive and quick the boxes are to assemble. To set them up, simply unfold the lid and base along the pre-made folds. In fact these boxes are commonly referred to as "automatic pop-up boxes" or "autobottom pop-up boxes" because upon being unfolded, they spontaneously pop into shape and the four flaps that form the bottom automatically lock in together.
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