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3-Window Boxes

3-Window Boxes


  • 3-Window Boxes
  • 3-Window Boxes
  • 3-Window Boxes

  • Made of thick paperboard, these sturdy boxes reveal their contents through their three openings. These elegant and eco-friendly boxes are an excellent way to present a trio of products side-by-side.
  • The brown and red boxes are gloss finished while the kraft and gold boxes are respectively mat and metallic finished.
  • These boxes are one-piece boxes with a fold-and-tuck design. The lid and bottom of the box are integrated to the rest of the box and are closed by tucking in their flap.
  • Delivered to you folded flat which has the benefit of saving storage space. Our customers also appreciate how intuitive and quick these boxes are to assemble. To set them up, simply unfold the box and tuck in the lid and bottom of the box.
  • Their robustness allows them to accommodate heavy products.
    • Matching clear cello bags available to contain each of your three products inside the box and thereby create a compartmentalized presentation. We invite you to contact us so we can assist you in choosing a suitable bag size for your application.

  • Customers who buy these boxes may also be be interested in:
    • decorating their boxes with a ribbon
    • showcasing their logo or product information on the boxes with a label