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Custom Bubble-Padded Mailers

Made to Order

Whether it be custom sizing or special features, everything is doable including miniature and giant sizes, high end materials, matte or metallic textures, eco-friendly padding materials as well as mailers envelopes with side or bottom expandable gussets or a second self-sealing strip to facilitate merchandise returns.


Choose your mailer color and print the name of your company, your brand's logo or any other pattern of your choice. We offer multicolor printing and can produce any background and print color on your mailer bags.


We carry in stock a full line of kraft bubble-padded mailer envelopes. Kraft bubble mailer envelopes are regularly kept in stock and are available in a large choice of dimensions since they are by far the most sought after and most economically advantageous. However should you insist on a distinctive packaging, are willing to wait a dozen weeks and have a quantity requirement beyond 3000 units, we invite you to contact us for a personalized service and quotation.

Custom Colors
Hard-Shell Glamor
Custom Designs
Custom Sizes
Eco-Friendly Materials