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Bag Sealers

Bag Sealers


  • Bag Sealers
    Sealer with Non-Cutting Lever
  • Bag Sealers
    Sealer with Cutting Lever

  • Heat-sealer with hand-operated lever for an air-tight and hassle-free bag seal.
  • Easy to operate. Simply place your bag or pouch on the heated surface and lower the lever down, pressing down against the bag. Experiment to determine ideal seal time for your particular bag.
  • Our sealers are equipped with an adjustable timer which throws a red light signal when the set seal time has elapsed.
  • Teflon-covered surfaces allows for mess-free sealing by preventing bag from sticking.
  • Our cutting lever sealers are equipped with an integrated retractable blade. This allow for the bag to be sliced during the sealing process thereby removing the part of the bag above the seal. This type of sealer can be useful for cellophane bags.