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Custom Labels

  • Stick a custom label on your boxes, pouches or bags to showcase your company name, brand logo or product information. These self-adhesive labels can also serve to close a cellophane bag or to ensure the closure of a top-tuck box.
  • Two available printing methods: hot stamping or digital printing.
  • Multitude of shapes available: rectangular, square, oval, round, heart, vintage, novel shapes and more!
  • We offer custom label printing services with colors, textures, shapes and sizes of your choice. We also offer art work services if needed. We invite you to contact us for a personalized service and quotation.
Sample Portfolio
Learn more about digital color printing and hotstamp printing
  • Digital printing is an ink-based printing method. Digital printing is an economical printing option which nevertheless produces quality results. Customers opting for this method of printing have the option of enhancing the look of their label by adding a laminated finish to their label.
  • Hot stamping uses a hot printing press rather than a digital printer. The printing press presses either a load of ink or a metallic foil on the label which imparts it with a prestigious finish.
Label Prices
Digital color printing
  • The above prices correspond to the prices for the following background colors: glossy white, matte white.
    Please add $1.50/in² to the above prices for the following background colors: kraft, gold, silver, clear.
  • For labels larger than 20 in², we invite you to contact us for a quotation.
Hotstamp printing in single or dual color
Pricing for hot stamped labels vary according to several factors including the shape and size of the labels, as well as their background color. A multitude of shapes, sizes and colors are available. In order to give you an overview of our pricing, we invite you to consult the below table where you will find price ranges according to label quantities.

  • Background colors: glossy white, matte white, kraft, gold, silver, clear.
  • First-time orders require the production of a printing plate. This plate can be reused for subsequent orders. The cost of the plate varies according to the desired label size.
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