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Custom-Printed Tissue Paper

Custom-Printed Tissue Paper


  • Personalize your tissue papers by having them custom-printed with your company's name, your brand's logo or any other graphic of your liking.
  • Stuff your boxes or bags with these tissue paper sheets in order to add padding and color to your packaging.
  • Our eco-friendly tissue papers are produced with nearly 100% post-industrial recycled raw materials.
Tissue Paper FAQ
What's a printing plate?

Printing on tissue paper is not exactly the same process as printing on a regular sheet of paper. In order to print on tissue paper, a printing plate must first be custom-made to match your artwork. During the printing process, the plate is loaded with ink and is then used to apply the ink unto the tissue paper sheet. That being said, we have some good news and some not so good news. The not so good news is that the plate will cost you on your first order. The good news is that the plate can be reused over and over! So for your subsequent orders, you'll only be paying for the tissue paper.

Is my artwork file adequate?

We can print images or lines of text as long as they are submitted in any of the following file formats: .jpg .jpeg .doc .pdf .ai .eps .svg .png .gif .tif .psd .indd.
Please rest assured that we double-check all artwork files prior to printing. This allows us to be certain of obtaining a high quality print. Should we find an issue with your submitted file, we will contact you to notify you of the issue. In most cases a simple tweak will fix the issue. We will gladly assist you in the process to make sure that your artwork complies to a high printing standard.

Can I choose a custom ink color?

You sure can. We can achieve any desired print color free of charge. Simply provide your desired ink color in the dedicated field above. You may submit the name of a color (e.g. "Citrus Green") or a color code in either of the following formats: RGB, CMYK or Pantone*.

*A Pantone color code is a numeric code often used by companies to communicate their logo's color. For example, suppose Tommy Hilfiger was to order tissue paper sheets with their logo on it, they wouldn't just want any shade of red. They would therefore submit a particular Pantone color code that corresponds to their exact shade of red. Our print department has a color swatch book with every possible Pantone color in it. Our technicians can therefore perform a sample printing run and compare the obtained color with the color displayed in the swatch book, thereby ensuring a perfect match.

Do you offer multi-color printing?

We do offer multi-color printing in up to 6 colors. Multi-color printing requires one printing plate per color. For multi-color printing we would invite you to please contact us for a custom quote.

What is the lead time?

Our custom-printed tissue papers will ship out to you within 3-5 weeks.

Can you create an artwork for me?

Yes. When it comes to artwork services, we offer anything from file format conversion assistance which is free of charge, to full-on logo designs. Logo designs are billed at the rate of $30.00 per hour.

Do you offer custom-sized sheets?

The sheet sizes available on this page are standard sheet sizes. Should you require specially-sized sheets, we will be happy to perform sheet cuts upon request. We can produce tissue paper sheets up to 45" wide.

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