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Hard Bottom Cellophane Bags

Hard Bottom Cellophane Bags


  • As their name implies, these bags have a flat bottom in which is embedded a reinforcing rectangular piece made of white cardboard. The flat bottom allows the bags to stand up on your shelf. Whether they are fully or partially filled, these bags will stand up no problem regardless of the density, volume or shape of your product. As for the cardboard piece, it adds a decorative contrast under your product as well as an elegant robustness to your packaging.
  • Made of crystal clear 1.2 milliinches(mil)-thick polypropylene
  • Heat-sealable
  • Recyclable and USDA and FDA approved for direct food contact
  • Excellent barrier properties against oxygen, humidity, odors and ambient aromas, oil and grease. Furthermore, they are refrigerable and freezable.
  • Custom sizes and thicknesses available. We invite you to contact us with your desired dimensions.
  • To learn more about this product, we invite you to visit our cellophane bags page.

Flat bags owe their name to their flat structure. This flat structure is one of three available structures in our line of cellophane bags. The below pictures showcase all three types of cellophane bags so that you may consider the three alternatives.